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    Celebrating the Spoken Word community in HK

    About the festival

    The Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival was founded in 2018 and is an annual event designed to celebrate and promote Hong Kong community based groups that feature an element of spoken word.


    We aim to foster an appreciation for a variety of artistic practices and performers, celebrating diverse and creative communities in this fast-paced city.


    HKSWF is a performance-based community arts organisation.


    Ticketing is available through Ticketflap.

  • 2021 Festival Shows

    Hong Kong Podcasts LIVE!

    April 15th and 16th

    Have you been filling your ears with some of the best English speaking podcasts in Hong Kong? Now is your chance to see what your hosts look like as you watch the process live at the Fringe Club!


    The Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival has put together two live shows featuring locally based English language podcasts. On April 15 and 16th, 10 different podcast hosts and their guests will take to the stage to reveal to their loyal listeners a little of the magic that goes into making a podcast.


    Regina Larko, veteran HK podcaster and the brains behind the Podcast Masterclass says, “Seeing how much the podcasting community has grown in Hong Kong in a few short years is incredible. It shows the power of (audio) stories. This past year has made podcasts particularly important as they have helped to bring people closer, even in times when social distancing is in force. It is a privilege to podcast alongside so many talented and passionate storytellers. We at #Impact are proud to be part of this community.”


    Hong Kong Podcasts - LIVE! Lineup (Fringe Club, Central)


    Ticketing Link: https://www.ticketflap.com/hkspokenwordfestival2021


    April 15:


    Across the Pond

    In the Changing Room 

    This Hong Kong Life

    Ho Ho Hong Kong


    April 16:

    Hong Kong Stories 


     Over 40 Wellness

    Better in Bed

    Sustainable Asia


    Tickets available here. Covid regulations will be strictly followed and tickets will be limited.


    #Impact - empowers organisations and individuals to take action, live consciously, give back and identify how their contributions make the world a better place. In this live show, with the photo book Dear Hong Kong, Oskar Valles and Aggie Lam set out to give voice to individuals who are usually not represented. As they encourage conversations about ethnic minorities in Hong Kong they encountered many tough challenges as well as beautiful surprises. What were the most unusual yet inspiring stories? #impact host Regina Larko will find out how it all started and why documenting these stories matters.

    RSS Feed: https://www.hashtagimpact.com/feed/podcast/

    Website: www.hashtagimpact.com


    Across the Pond - Based in Hong Kong, Chris Ivany and Paul Maclean host the City’s only hockey podcast. Keeping you up to date with NHL news and the development of hockey across Asia. In this episode we will sit down with Greg Smyth to discuss the growth of hockey in Hong Kong and all the latest developments in the sport.

    Website: https://www.acrossthepondhk.com/

    RSS: https://www.acrossthepondhk.com/atphk?format=rss


    In the Changing Room - In The Changing Room champions women in sport. Cissy Radford interviews a wide variety of women involved in sport from Olympic athletes, to business owners, to mums, to all three of those combined! She wants to dispel myths that women don't belong in sport, and show women how it can change their life. In this show, Cissy will be chatting with Lyndsey Gormley, who will share how she rediscovered her love of fitness, and the lessons she learnt along the way.

    RSS feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/289922.rss


    This Hong Kong Life - There are experts for every topic out there. When it comes to youth, we believe THEY are the experts; In this segment, we discuss our favourite moments listening to fellow youth and how each young person's story and life experience makes them experts for anyone out there who cares about our future and wants to make a difference with the next generation.

    Website: https://kely.org/media-centre/test-podcast

    RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/960526.rss


    Ho Ho Hong Kong - Everything you need to know about Hong Kong. Vivek and Andy interviewing a guest live to find out just what they're doing in Hong Kong.

    RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/hohohk/feed.xml


    Hong Kong Stories - Is all about true, first person stories performed before a live audience. They also host regular free storytelling workshops open to anyone. Podcast host Rachel Smith and accomplished show host and storyteller, Gina Raphael will hold a live workshop a rough draft of one of Gina’s stories - to give the audience an insight of the effort that goes into building a great story.

    Website: http://www.hongkongstories.com/

    RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:219422132/sounds.rss


    Over Forty Wellness - is about taking control of your health and wellness in your 40’s and beyond. In this live show, Vincent discusses with Keon his health journey. How he overcame a lifelong problem. Where did the problem come from? Why was it so difficult to overcome it? What changed? Who helped him and how did they help him, and what important lessons that can be shared? Keon will inspire you with his health journey, with the wide range of professionals, friends and family that gave him the support to bring him where he is today.

    Website: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.com/

    RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1262354.rss


    Interested - Interested is a result of Dona Eder's curiosity to explore our collective wisdom of wellness, and that goes from physical to cognitive to emotional health to spirituality. The aim of this podcast is to bring nourishing conversations to help you live a higher quality, more fulfilling life. During the show, Dona will be speaking with Caroline Rhodes,the founder of The Body Group, expert in wholistic wellness, physiotherapist and one of Asia’s top trainers in Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

    Website: www.interested.blog

    RSS: http://interested.libsyn.com/rss


    Sustainable Asia - Stories about Asia and the environment...that you probably haven’t heard yet. We use voices from Asia to give a new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet. In this live podcast, Sustainable Asia will look for answers to these questions: What do pangolins have to do with the COVID19 pandemic? How can these adorable, scaly creatures - poached to near extinction - be related to a disease that has brought the world to a standstill? Award-winning journalist and honorary professor at HKU Yuen-ying Chan joins Sustainable Asia Podcast host Marcy Trent Long to unravel the story of how Chinese scientists stumbled across pangolins with the SARS- CoV-2 virus...unlocking a key to the origins of this deadly disease.

    Website: https://sustainableasia.co/


    Better in Bed - Podcast host Sara is a sex educator, coach and media influencer. Having received an inadequate sex education growing up, she founded Sarasense (sarasense.com) to provide tools and resources for people to have a more satisfying sex life. Sara is also the creator of the Better in Bed podcast, where she hosts frank, informative, playful conversations about sex and shares inspiration on how we can all get better at it. Currently based in Hong Kong, she has previously been a student of human sexuality at Stanford University, an erotic writer and a sex toy party entrepreneur.

    Website: www.sarasense.com


    HK Podcasters LIVE!

    July 25, Saturday CANCELLED

    We had to cancel this show for the usual 2020 reason but we will have podcasters from:

    Hong Kong Stories 


    Talking Mental

    Ho Ho Hong Kong


    Belinda Esterhammer 

    on stage as soon as our venues open up and it is safe to do so.


    In the meantime if you are looking for more Hong Kong based English podcasts to listen to here are a few more to fill your ears!


    Talking Mental 

    Sassy Speaks

    Better in Bed

    HK Confidential

    Fool Me Twice

    Over 40 Wellness

    Asia Society Podcast

    This Hong Kong Life


    Mom Body Soul

    Roadside Rumours

    In the Changing Room 

    Across the Pond

    HK Connections with Nifraz

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