• 2019 Festival Dates

    All the shows at the festival this year will be held at the Fringe Upstairs in Central!

    25 May - Saturday - HK Improv Show - Improv at the Fringe

    27 May - Monday - Live Podcast Show - HK Podfest - Conversations

    28 May - Tuesday - Women in Publishing Workshop

    29 May - Wednesday - Peel Street Poetry and Spill Stories - Dirty Laundry

    30 May - Thursday Liar's League - Best and Brightest

    31 May - Friday Top Notch 1 - Hong Kong Stories

    1 June - Saturday Top Notch 2 - Hong Kong Stories

  • About us

    Engaging the Spoken Word Community In HK

    About the festival

    The Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival was founded in 2018 and is an annual event designed to celebrate and promote community based groups that feature an element of spoken word.


    We aim to foster an appreciation for a variety of artistic practices and performers, celebrating diverse and creative communities in this fast-paced city.


    Organisations who joined the Spoken Word Festival in 2018 include: Hong Kong Stories, Aurora Theatre, Hong Kong Writers Circle, Hong Komedy Guerrilla, HK Improv, HK Comedy, HK Confidential, #Impact, Better in Bed, Women in Publishing , Liar's League, Peel Street Poetry


    HKSWF is a non profit, performance based arts organisation.

  • Experience the best of Spoken Word performances in Hong Kong !

    Say it out loud! 2019 Show information will be available soon!


    All shows in 2019 will take place at the HK Fringe Upstairs! Tickets available after April 11.



    Improv at the Fringe

    Saturday 25 May

    Come join us on May 25 for a special show at the Fringe Club! At our improv shows, you will see live theatre performed without a script. Every show is unique because the story develops spontaneously on stage and is inspired by suggestions from the audience - you! Expect comedy, drama, music and twists!


    Hong Kong Improv (HKI) was founded in 2016 to grow the art of improvised comedy in Hong Kong. HKI presents regular improv comedy shows across the city, hosts classes for beginners and beyond, develops teams, and organises workshops with experienced local and overseas teachers. Their shows feature different local troupes, with special Jamboree shows that showcase international teams.



    Hong Kong Podcast Festival (Podfest)

    Monday 27 May

    Love podcasts? Love this city? Come hear local podcasters and influencers talk to fascinating people on interesting topics!


    Hong Kong's inaugural Podcast Festival (HKPodfest) showcases local podcast hosts live on stage, interviewing intriguing guests on a variety of compelling topics. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

    Podcasts included are:

    Better in Bed,

    Sassy Speaks,


    Talking Mental,

    Hong Kong Confidential

    Direct from Hong Kong

    Tuesday 28 May

    Comedy HK will bring to hilarity to the stage in this one off gathering of Hong Kong based talent.

    The Hong Kong scene has produced comedians who have performed and headlined all over the world, represented Hong Kong in festivals and appeared on TV to deliver laughs everywhere. The first full-time comedy club in asia was opened in Hong Kong. The city boasts Standup, Improv and Variety shows - bringing joy to this city almost daily. Hong Kong is funny, period.

    Comedy.hk is here to help YOU. Find the best comedy shows for you to watch, find open mics to start your standup journey, or find the right comedian for you.

    Spring Cleaning

    Wednesday 29 May

    Some of us know how to declutter, some of us need to clean up our acts. Join us for a tag-team performance of poetry and stories about all things clean and unclean. Come see who has skeletons to clean out of the closet and who is brave enough to air their dirty laundry.


    Peel Street Poetry is a regular English language open mic night that has been running for over 12 years. It currently takes places on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of every month in Central.


    Spill_Stories is an Instagram community that elevates women’s voices and perspectives through the sharing of personal stories. Each month features a different theme, and anyone who feels compelled is encouraged to share a story that relates to the theme. While @spill_stories is a gender-neutral platform, the stories seek to engage young women of colour and encourage dialogue on topics such as culture shock, feminism, and personal growth.

    Best & Brightest

    Thursday 30 May

    Liar's League Hong Kong will be presenting stories on the theme of "Best & Brightest" featuring fresh new stories submitted by local students that will be performed alongside some of the best pieces from our Hong Kong performances over the last couple of years


    Liar’s League Hong Kong is a quarterly fiction event, that has been running for six years. Pieces of flash fiction (800 - 1200 words) are globally submitted, locally selected and assigned to actors for an evening of performance and storytelling in Central.

    Top Notch 1

    Top Notch 2

    Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June

    Our Top Notch Shows bring back the best and most beloved stories from our sold out shows in the past 12 months. Come listen to the live performance and experience your favourite stories firsthand! 


    Hong Kong Stories is a not for profit group dedicated to the art of live storytelling in Hong Kong. Their monthly shows showcase true, first person stories told by the people they actually happened to. This show will meander off the usual track bit the core of great storytelling that makes every Hong Kong Stories show a delight to watch will be there!


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    8/F, 400 Portland Street, Prince Edward
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    School Competition

    Represent your school and gain experience for your future CV

    Select a representative from your school to perform in our school Storytelling or Poetry competition in 2019!


    Calling HK secondary school students to submit prose for the Liar's League performance! As part of the Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival, Liars' League HK will be running an event under the working title "Best & Brightest", for which we would really love to add stories from Hong Kong's brightest up and coming student writers. If you are unfamiliar with Liars' League, we have multiple groups globally (London, New York, Portland and Hong Kong) that run regular story telling events where flash fiction stories between 800 and 1200 words, are selected and then performed by actors and story tellers. We are contacting you now, as we'd love to invite your students to submit stories on the theme of "Best & Brightest" that will be performed alongside some of the best pieces from our Hong Kong performances over the last couple of years. Email your interest to hkspokenwordfest@gmail.com

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    Contact us to discover the benefits of sponsoring the festival! Connect with your local community and take advantage of the resources available to improve and connect with your team.

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    For information on the 2018 festival please check here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1M5FUgE_gBEMPx5CSLW4UPjnkQkG3QBGj

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