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Podcasting in Hong Kong

A list of HK based podcasts for your listening pleasure

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Hong Kong has an incredible podcast scene. These are mostly English based podcasts but Cantonese podcasts will be added soon!

Hong Kong Stories  - true stories told live in Hong Kong.

#Impact Podcast Host Regina brings us a podcasting community built for and by visionaries making positive impacts by sharing stories that deserve to be heard.

Better in Bed - Host Sara brings us a safe, open platform for people to talk about sex, focused on pleasure, approachable but also deeply honest.

Talking Mental - Aaron Stadlin-Robbie shares his frank discussions with specialists and fellow sufferers in an attempt to figure out the whats, whys and ways to help himself and others.(Website)

Hong Kong Confidential - Designed to educate and entertain, Jules Hannaford interviews interesting people in Hong Kong about their lives, personal journeys and secrets.

Hoho Hong Kong - Every thing you need to know to get the most out of Hong Kong. Each Monday local comedian Vivek Mahbubani and Australian comic Andy Curtain dive into something you never knew was going on.

Hong Kong Writers Circle - a member organisation for writers of all levels and of all genres in Hong Kong.

In the Changing Room - Cissy Radford interviews women about how sport, in whatever form it takes, has changed them.

Off the Record - A course for starting your own podcast by the creator of #impact Podcast

Interested - Ideas for Growth.

The Hong Kong History Podcast - Conversations between two Hong Kong resident neighbours, who share a fascination with the city's intriguing and complicated history.

Hong Kong Trail Rockers Podcast - for those interested in exploring the minds of trail runners , race directors, checkpoint crews / supporters and pretty much anyone who rocks the world of the Hong Kong trails

The Hong Kong Football Podcast - Hong Kong's premier English-language local football podcast. New episode every fortnight - run by

This Hong Kong Life - Stories and conversations with a variety of Hong Kong youth from different backgrounds as a medium for young people to connect and understand each other.

Belinda Esterhammer - a podcast about the art of winging it - whether it’s business, marketing, startups or life… Well sort of.

Fool Me Twice - This podcast is an exploration of the world of sweetheart scams, catfishing, and the ugly side of online dating.

Over Fourty Wellness - strategies for you to take control of your Health and Wellness into your 40s and beyond.

Sassy Speaks - a podcast by Sassy Hong Kong

Across the Pond - Hong Kong’s first hockey podcast - hosted by Canadians Chris Ivany and Paul MacLean keep you up to date with NHL news and the development of hockey across Asia.

Asia Society Podcasts - A series of podcasts around events, interests and interviews at the Asia Society HK.

Arta - Hosted by Natalia Mota, a weekly dose of inspiration, ideas and art techniques by creative minds.

Books La! The Hong Kong Book Club - Focus on Hong Kong books, read, dissect and join in! Interviews with local authors about their lives, inspirations, and writing habits.

Hello from Hong Kong - each month Johnathan JK interviews somebody who has an interesting relationship with the city.

Eaton Radio - What Does Your _______ Look Like? - A creative hub and incubator for arts, culture and sustainability.

Mom Body and Soul - all things motherhood.

Roadside Rumours - Roadside Rumours by Kawal and Sanika, a podcast started by two brown students from Hong Kong.

RTHK podcasts- Link brings you to index of a wealth of locally produced podcasts by our public broadcaster RTHK

Mental Ideas

Hong Kong Today

Hong Kong Connection

Hong Kong Heritage - Explore HK and digs up aspects of social, cultural and artistic heritage.

Letter to Hong Kong

Trash Talk